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In addition to our platform, we offer other services for buying Bitcoin.

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What our customers say

The trust of our customers and business partners is our greatest asset.
We are all the more pleased when they praise us in the highest terms:

A R.

Very satisfied. All my questions were always answered quickly, friendly and competently. I feel well and securely looked after on my way into the crypto world. The Coinfinity team is tangible for me and not abstract like a big brokerage firm.

Andrea W.

Very satisfied! I had tel. contact several times because I needed support and it was excellent, very friendly, competent, patient, explained in an understandable way. Many thanks for that!

W. W.

Questions are answered quickly and competently - with a lot of patience! Transactions have worked transparently and without any problems! Top!

Roland K.

Top companies from Austria. Registration with video identification. Trade bitcoin quickly and easily. Fees reasonable. Payout is prompt and problem-free

Edith H.

Everything top - highly recommended! Fast and smooth processing, highly recommended! If you have a question, you can simply call and you will be advised in a very friendly way! Thank you very much, always happy to do business with us again.

Wolfgang N.

Absolutely flawless service and perfect support. No questions remained unanswered, the delivery of the Bitcoins was also fast and reliable. I give it 5 stars, keep it up. I can recommend them without hesitation.

John S.

Top provider, cheap, secure, fast. Registration is easy and verification is also very quick if you have everything ready. Wallets are suggested depending on the user's knowledge and it doesn't take half an hour until the purchased bitcoins are in the wallet. In case of problems, Coinfinity can be reached quickly and always finds a solution. All in all, I can only recommend it.

Ralph L.

Everything is just right from front to back! Top service, competent advice and simple, uncomplicated processing! I can only recommend!

Buy Bitcoin online

We are a Bitcoin broker and offer you a safe and fast way to buy or sell Bitcoin cheaply. As a company based in Austria, we are registered with the Austrian Financial Market Authority.

Supervised by experts

As an expert center for Bitcoin, we are here to help and guide you.

Fair fees

No hidden costs and no SEPA fee.

Buy Bitcoin now

You can buy Bitcoin immediately without having to wait for a bank transfer.

FAQ about buying Bitcoin online

What are the fees for buying bitcoin online?

Our service fee is 1.5%. In addition, the mining fee applies.

All fees are clearly displayed before the purchase.

How quickly will I receive my Bitcoin when I buy online?

Upon successful payment via SOFORT transfer, we will send the Bitcoin within a few hours.

If you pay by SEPA transfer, we will send the Bitcoin as soon as we receive the payment on our account, this usually takes 1-2 business days.

When is the rate fixed when buying online?

The price per bitcoin is always fixed at the time of purchase.

This means that even if you pay by SEPA transfer, you know exactly which Bitcoin amount you will receive.

What payment methods can I use to buy Bitcoin?

Online, Bitcoin can be paid by bank transfer, instant bank transfer and SEPA transfer. Bitcoin can be purchased by credit card through the Bitcoinbon in the shop. Buying Bitcoin with cash is currently only possible at the ATM, OTC or directly at our office in Graz. Payment with PayPal is currently not possible.

What do I need to buy or sell Bitcoin online?

You need a valid Bitcoin address or wallet(read more here) and a bank account.

Buy Bitcoin at

At our Bitcoin ATM, you can easily, quickly and securely buy Bitcoin and other digital currencies with cash, as well as sell Bitcoin for cash. It usually only takes a few minutes to buy or sell at the machine.

FAQ on buying Bitcoin from an ATM

Do I need an ID to buy Bitcoin?

Amounts up to and including EUR 250 can be purchased per person and day at any time without registration or identification. For amounts larger than EUR 250, a one-time identification by means of an official photo ID (front and back) is required. After you have identified yourself, you can buy amounts over EUR 250 at any time. The recorded data is only stored internally.

How does the Bitcoin machine work?

You need the QR code of your Bitcoin address and an official photo ID for purchases over EUR 250. If you don't have a bitcoin wallet yet, we recommend visiting, where you can get a good overview of the different wallets. You can also find information on software wallets and card wallets in our blog posts to help you make your choice. We will be happy to advise you in our office in Graz.

Buy and sell Bitcoin - simply and quickly at the machine

At our Bitcoin ATMs, you can easily, quickly and securely buy Bitcoin and other digital currencies with cash, as well as sell Bitcoin for cash. It usually only takes a few minutes to buy or sell at the machine.

Buy Bitcoin in a physical store

Purchase Bitcoin with Bitcoinbon.

Bitcoinbon offers the possibility to purchase Bitcoin via coupon in sales outlets all over Austria. This service is offered via a website operated by Coinfinity:

FAQ about buying Bitcoin in a shop

Where can I find more information about Bitcoinbon?

You can find more detailed information in the Bitcoinbon FAQ at

What is the rate on redemption for Bitcoinbon?

The bitcoin price is based on the EUR/BTC trading pair on the largest exchanges that trade this pair. Since several firms are involved in the implementation here, the price is somewhat higher than for Coinfinity's other services.

At what amounts can I purchase Bitcoin via Bitcoinbon?

Bitcoinbon is available as a voucher worth 100, 150 and 250 EUR.

Where can I purchase Bitcoinbon?

Bitcoinbon is available throughout Austria in thousands of tobacconists and petrol stations, as well as in shops for various vouchers. You can find the exact locations and contact information of participating partner businesses HERE via the branch locator on

Store Bitcoin

To use Bitcoin, you need a so-called "Bitcoin wallet", which is a digital wallet. These are available for iPhone, Android, PC, Mac and many other platforms. The wallet manages your Bitcoin addresses and allows you to send and receive Bitcoin.

The safest option is to store cryptocurrencies offline and physically. The Coinfinity Card Wallet allows you to do just that and is the professional cold-storage solution. It was developed in a cooperation between Coinfinity and the Austrian State Printing Office.

Coinfinity Card Wallet

The Card Wallet is the highly secure storage option for Bitcoin, developed by Coinfinity and the Austrian State Printing Office. The Coinfinity Card Wallet is an offline wallet and, as a cold storage solution, is the ideal way to store Bitcoin for the long term.


Protect your Bitcoin with the latest hardware wallet from Switzerland. This highly secure cold wallet for Bitcoin is available at our front office or can be shipped on order.


- Quick set-up incl. backup SD card
- special secure chip offers highest security
- externally audited open source code

Blue Wallet

Radically simple bitcoin wallet. Blue Wallet can import most wallet standards, but it is also very easy to create new wallets.

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

FAQ about storing Bitcoin

What do I have to pay attention to when buying or receiving Bitcoin?

When entering a Bitcoin address (public key), it is best to use the copy function or the QR code. If possible, avoid typing Bitcoin addresses. Before placing an order, please check the Bitcoin receiving address you have given very carefully! Also make sure that you have access to this address.

Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Once we have sent the Bitcoin to you, a subsequent correction is no longer possible.

How can I ensure the security of my wallet?

Please keep in mind that every Bitcoin owner is responsible for the safekeeping of their Bitcoin. The above-mentioned wallet types offer their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of security, usability and possible uses. Please get a basic overview of the wallet offerings and decide for yourself which form of storage is best suited for your purposes.

Here are a few basic security tips from us:

Make sure you back up your wallet!
Most software and hardware wallets offer the possibility to create a backup copy. Make sure you use this option before using your wallet for the first time to protect your Bitcoin from loss or theft.

Use two-factor authentication (2FA) or a PIN!
Most software and hardware wallets offer more security through the additional use of a 2FA or a PIN.
We advise using these security features.

Keep your offline or hardware wallet safe and secret!
Whether it's a card wallet or a BitBox, make sure it's protected from the elements, fire and theft, and kept in a place only you know about.

Never share your private key!
Unlike the public key, which may be shared for sending and receiving Bitcoin, you should keep your private key as secret as possible.

Because with self-custody, the rule is: NOT YOUR KEY, NOT YOUR COINS.

What is a Bitcoin wallet and what types are there?

The Bitcoin wallet is your "digital wallet". It manages your Bitcoin addresses and allows you to store, send and receive Bitcoin. There are a variety of Bitcoin wallets that meet different needs. Here you can find an overview of the different types of wallets:

Cold- or Offline Wallets(read more here)

Hardware Wallets(read more here)

Software Wallets(read more here)

You can find an overview of other wallets at

What is a Bitcoin address?

A Bitcoin address is similar to a bank account number that you can share publicly. Anyone who knows your Bitcoin address can send you Bitcoin there - just like anyone who knows your email address can send you emails there. Your Bitcoin wallet can manage many different Bitcoin addresses, and most wallets also generate a new Bitcoin address for each transaction.

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