Give Bitcoin as a gift for Christmas: It's that easy!

Finding the perfect Christmas gift is a new challenge every year. How about putting something completely different under the Christmas tree this year? Read on to learn the easiest way to give Bitcoin as a Christmas gift.

Bitcoin as a Christmas gift? Why not!

Finding Christmas gifts can be stressful. Finding the perfect gift for any relative or friend is not easy.
As with many things, Bitcoin fixes this!

Not only is it extremely easy to give Bitcoin as a Christmas gift, but it's also a gift that could still bring a big surprise in a few years. Additionally, it can be a brilliant idea on how to teach relatives or friends the principles of hard money, scarce assets and all the economic aspects of Bitcoin. 

Especially if you want to guide people at the beginning of their Bitcoin journey, giving Bitcoin as a gift is a brilliant way to teach them everything step by step.

Give Bitcoin as a Christmas gift: It's that easy with Coinfinity!

There are several ways you can give Bitcoin as a Christmas gift. 

We have listed three options that are fun not only for the recipients, but also for the gift senders!

Give away Bitcoin with the Bitcoinbon

A popular way to give Bitcoin as a gift is with a Bitcoinbon. The Bitcoinbon is a kind of voucher that allows you to buy Bitcoin with cash or bank card at the tobacconist and easily pass it on.

Bitcoinbons can be purchased in over 4,000 sales outlets in Austria. As soon as you buy a Bitcoinbon at a tobacconist, you will be asked how much you want to deposit. Then simply select your desired amount. 

Once the receipt is purchased, you can either activate it and send the bitcoin to a wallet or keep the receipt and sit down with the:the recipient:in together for Christmas.

To receive the Bitcoin, the person must have a Bitcoin wallet address. This is where the coins are then sent. Thus, this is also the perfect time to download a bitcoin wallet and explain how to use a bitcoin wallet. Once the wallet is installed, you can activate the Bitcoinbon and send the gift to the new wallet address.

We admit that this is a gift with some learning steps. If this is too advanced or laborious, we recommend the following method with our Card Wallet.

Give away Bitcoin on a Card Wallet

Probably the easiest way to give away Bitcoin without any additional measures is with the Coinfinity card wallet. This card is exactly the same size as a bank card and functions as its own wallet.

To give someone Bitcoin with Card Wallet, you can order one at Once it arrives, as with any software wallet, you have a public Bitcoin address that you can find on the front of the card. This can be conveniently scanned via QR code so that you can send Bitcoin to the Card Wallet.

As a gift, you then simply give the Card Wallet, where the Bitcoin are then located, so to speak.

However, it is important to mention that you have to keep the card wallet safe. On the back and covered with a coating, there is the private key that you need to be able to Change Bitcoin back to Euro or to be able to spend it. 

If you lose the private key or the card wallet, you will no longer have access to the Bitcoin. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the card wallet safe.

Send bitcoin directly to a wallet

The third way to give Bitcoin away is to simply send Bitcoin directly to the recipient's wallet. 

This is more for someone who already has a wallet and knows bitcoin well enough to keep their received coins safe. 

All you need to do here is sign up with Coinfinity and Buy bitcoin online or with the Coinfinity Bitcoin App. Instead of entering your own wallet address at the end then, you enter that of the desired recipient. 

Another option would be to buy Bitcoin and send it to a wallet that you set up and hand over together with the recipient at Christmas.

To buy Bitcoin online to give as gifts for Christmas, register with Coinfinity today. 

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Can you give Bitcoin as a gift?


Coinfinity offers several ways to give Bitcoin as a gift. Be it as a Bitcoinbon, in the form of a card wallet or with direct shipping to a wallet, all are gifts that the recipients will surely not forget in a hurry.

What is the easiest way to give away Bitcoin?

Probably the easiest way to give away Bitcoin is with the Card Wallet. This is like a bank card, except that you have a Bitcoin wallet instead of an account. On it you will also find a Bitcoin wallet address where you can send the Bitcoin. 

The advantage of this method is that you can only receive these Bitcoin with the Card Wallet. Thus, it is also a kind of hardware wallet, which you can use as a piggy bank for any Bitcoin purchase. If you want to access the wallet at some point, you also have the private key on the back to transfer the coins.

Can Coinfinity help me give away bitcoin?

Yes, of course! We offer different possibilities. If you are in Graz, you are welcome to stop by our front office for advice. 

Besides the office, we are of course also there for you online or via e-mail. Send us your request or questions to