"I don't actually pay any taxes" - with Pascal Hügli

Pascal Hügli emigrated from Switzerland and since then has no permanent residence, he works completely remotely and, as he says himself, he doesn't actually have to pay any taxes. Find out in this episode what it's like to live your life as a digital nomad or "sovereign individual".

This weekly podcast about Bitcoin is the initiative of the Viennese financial journalist Niko Jilch. The goal: to strengthen and network the German-speaking Bitcoin community - and to bring the Bitcoin phenomenon closer to as broad a mass as possible.

We accompany this project as one of the main sponsors in this blog and also make all podcast episodes available here as a video.

What Bitcoin brings. Episode from 24.01.2023

Pascal Hügli is a self-employed author and ghost writer and has been living with his wife as a digital nomad for about a year, currently in Paraguay. A positive side effect: it's a tax-free and sovereign life. The term "sovereign individual" comes from the book "Sovereign Individual" published in the 1990s and describes people who consciously seek independence from state systems and organize their lives privately - including health care and pension provision.

Pascal writes texts for a wide variety of people and companies - for banks as well as for Bitcoiners. Although he also deals a lot with DeFi and, ahem, "shitcoins" as part of his job, Pascal clarifies, "...when push comes to shove, I have to admit, Bitcoin is the most decisive thing for me at the end of the day because I believe in it for the long term."

Pascal is often paid for his work in Bitcoin and stable coins. For some of his Russian clients, cryptocurrencies have even been the only possible payment option since last year.

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