"We should be more open to Bitcoin in Europe" - with Andreas Treichl

In this podcast episode, top banker Andreas Treichl talks with Niko Jilch about the future of Europe and Bitcoin as an opportunity.

This weekly podcast about Bitcoin is the initiative of the Viennese financial journalist Niko Jilch. The goal: to strengthen and network the German-speaking Bitcoin community - and to bring the Bitcoin phenomenon closer to as broad a mass as possible.

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What Bitcoin brings. Episode from 14.02.2023

Niko's guest today is an Austrian banking legend. He turned the sleepy savings bank into a major European bank and today, after 23 years at the helm of Erste Group, he is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Erste Foundation as well as the President of the European Forum Alpbach.

Andreas doesn't think that "Bitcoin fixes this" is enough when it comes to Europe's big problems. But he very much sees the opportunities. And says: "We should be more open to Bitcoin in Europe. People should see the crypto world as something that can contribute something positive."

Because Europe needs all the help it can get. The war in Ukraine has once again revealed how weak Europe is and that nothing has been learned from the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s, says the top banker. "I have nothing at all against NATO but I have a lot against the fact that we in Europe are at the mercy of the United States, for better or worse." He says there is a need for common foreign, security and energy policies.

Because monetary policy alone will not be enough, says Treichl: "Europe is too weak today. I want us to become much more energy independent than we are at the moment. And in general, Europe needs to be an incredibly attractive location for young people." That's where Bitcoin and blockchain can help, Andreas is convinced: "It's a groundbreaking technology."

Source: wasbitcoinbringt.com

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