Why Bitcoin changes you - with Johannes Decker

In this podcast episode, coach and mentor Johannes Decker talks about Bitcoin and the "inner journey to your self." Bitcoin has so many facets that "money" and "investing" are not enough as umbrella terms. Rather, he sees Bitcoin as a companion in his life.

This weekly podcast about Bitcoin is the initiative of the Viennese financial journalist Niko Jilch. The goal: to strengthen and network the German-speaking Bitcoin community - and to bring the Bitcoin phenomenon closer to as broad a mass as possible.

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What Bitcoin brings. Episode from 21.02.2023

"Bitcoin has fixed me":Thomas "Fichte" Burgstaller once said this in an episode of Niko's podcast. Statements like this are heard more and more often and many wonder what Bitcoin as a financial and technological revolution could change great about a person. What is behind it? Why is this digital money so capable of causing positive change in a person's life?

No, it's not about wealth. Rather, it's about the "inner journey," says Johannes Decker. He is a coach, mentor and Bitcoiner. Niko and Johannes have known each other since Citadel 2022 in Switzerland. Johannes is opening up a whole new Bitcoin realm with his work - that of self-discovery.

Whoever takes responsibility over his money - also tackles his own life. And how that happens is beautifully explained by John in this episode: "Most people become lucid when they have experienced a crisis. And at some point they realize: change starts with us." He says it's predominantly about taking control of your life. Taking responsibility for what's happening that affects you.

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