"Bitcoin makes all other forms of money obsolete" - with Leo Mattes

In this episode of "What Bitcoin Brings", German economist and book author Leo Mattes is Niko's guest. The two talk about monetary theory, Bitcoin, and the "monetary singularity."

This weekly podcast about Bitcoin is the initiative of the Viennese financial journalist Niko Jilch. The goal: to strengthen and network the German-speaking Bitcoin community - and to bring the Bitcoin phenomenon closer to as broad a mass as possible.

We accompany this project as one of the main sponsors in this blog and also make all podcast episodes available here as a video.

What Bitcoin brings. Episode from 07.03.2023

Leo Mattes is a German economist under the banner of the Austrian school and book author. Hardly anyone can describe the world that Bitcoin brings us as dryly and accurately as he can.

There is the liter, the meter and the kilogram. "But we never agreed on a monetary measure," Leo explains. So because of its limited money supply of 21 million, Bitcoin is the first constant in economics, a new metric for people and businesses, he says. Behind this is Bitcoin's absolute scarcity. "We've never seen that before," Leo says.

Through these properties, Bitcoin could change our thinking and behavior, and subsequently our world.

"Monetary singularity" through absolute scarcity, that makes the serious difference, he said. "Everything is inflated except Bitcoin. Bitcoin provides us with a foundation," Leo explains.

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