Simply practical: the Bitcoin savings plan from Coinfinity

Sit back and grow your Bitcoin portfolio automatically. Learn how to set up a savings plan, how it works and what benefits it brings.

What is the Bitcoin Savings Plan?

"Money is made by sitting, not trading", once said Jesse Lauriston Livermore, the original Wolf of Wallstreet.

However, we believe that Bitcoin is not about making a quick buck, which is why our version of this statement is: "Bitcoin are made by sitting, not trading".

Our Bitcoin savings plan is based on exactly this principle: Sit back and relax and increase your Bitcoin portfolio regularly and automatically instead of worrying about how much Bitcoin you should buy at what time.

The Bitcoin Savings Plan is designed to help you accumulate Bitcoin consistently over the long term. This is done through automated, regular Bitcoin purchases that we process for you. You determine the investment amount and the purchase interval completely flexibly! The Bitcoin savings plan can also be cancelled at any time by simply cancelling your standing order with the bank. A spontaneous adjustment of the investment amount is also possible by independently changing the standing order. In principle, a savings plan can be set up from a monthly amount of € 21.

Bitcoin savings plan in just a few steps

  1. Login or registration
    Log in to with your existing user account. If you don't have an account yet, simply register and verify within a few minutes.
  2. Bitcoin Savings Plan Registration
    In the Coinfinity portal, click on "Create Savings Plan" and follow the savings plan registration instructions.
  3. Setting up the standing order
    Now set up a standing order in the desired amount and at the desired time interval via your online banking or via your bank advisor. To do this, enter the payment reference that you received when you set up the savings plan in the portal.
  4. Automatically growing Bitcoin portfolio
    Now you get Bitcoin sent to your wallet regularly and automatically.

Advantages of the Bitcoin Savings Plan

  • Consistent Bitcoin saving, without emotional buying decisions and "human error"
    Every one of us knows the moment when we regret not having bought Bitcoin the day before because we thought the price would still drop a little. It is precisely this interplay of emotions, which often negatively influence our buying and saving behaviour, that the savings plan aims to eliminate and help us to consistently grow our Bitcoin portfolio.
  • Automated & convenient
    The savings plan enables regular and automated buying of Bitcoin without the usual time spent on registration, processing the trade and other decisions. Bitcoin hodlers should also not have to constantly worry about the right exchange, rate and time to buy, because ultimately it's simply about stacking sats.
  • High flexibility & no commitment
    You determine the amount (min. € 21) of your investment as well as the time interval of the automatic Bitcoin purchases. As soon as an amount of money arrives in our account, it is directly exchanged into Bitcoin and sent to the specified BTC receiving address.
    The savings plan can also be cancelled at any time without any deadlines - simply cancel your standing order. No further notification to us is required.

  • Averagecost effect
    The average cost effect is derived from "dollar cost averaging" (DCA) and describes the regular purchase of an asset, no matter what the rate or price is at that moment. With multiple purchases over a period of time, one can eventually calculate the average purchase price. When the price goes up, the value of your portfolio increases - when the price goes down, you get more Bitcoin for your money.

    HERE you can calculate how much your Bitcoin investment would have been after a certain time and how much money you would have saved thanks to the average cost effect.

    Here is a sample graph from
Bitcoin DCA
An investment amount of € 100 per month was calculated, starting on 01.01.2021 until 31.12.2021.

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