Bitcoin Voucher Card: How to buy Bitcoin with the Bitcoinbon!

Buying Bitcoin has never been easier than with the Bitcoinbon - the Bitcoin voucher card from Coinfinity. Learn here how you can use the Coinfinity Bitcoinbon to buy Bitcoin easily and uncomplicated with cash or ATM card in over 4,000 sales outlets throughout Austria.

What is a Bitcoin voucher card? 

A Bitcoin voucher card is a voucher that can be used to purchase Bitcoin in stores. 

Probably the best known Bitcoin voucher card is the Coinfinity Bitcoinbonwhich you can buy in more than 4'000 sales points all over Austria. The Bitcoinbon is available in denominations of 50, 100, 150 and 250 EUR. 

Once you buy the Bitcoinbon, you will receive a paper coupon with a code. You can then use this code at to receive your purchased Bitcoin. All you need is a bitcoin wallet where you can receive your bitcoin. You can also keep your bitcoin voucher without redeeming it. However, keep in mind the validity period of 36 months. The amount of bitcoin you receive for the euro amount of the bitcoin voucher depends on the current bitcoin price and is determined when you redeem the voucher.

What is a Bitcoinbon? 

A Bitcoinbon is a voucher that you can use to buy bitcoins for 50, 100, 150 as well as 250 EUR. buy Bitcoin can buy. Coinfinity handles the purchase of Bitcoin for you in the background. 

Once you have purchased the bitcoin voucher, you will find a recharge code on the voucher. You can then download it at redeem it. You will receive your Bitcoin in your wallet within a few minutes. 

How does a Bitcoin voucher card work?

Essentially, a Bitcoin voucher card works like any gift card. You buy a receipt in a store and then redeem it later. 

However, unlike traditional vouchers, you need to use a Bitcoin wallet for the Bitcoin voucher card so that the Bitcoin can be sent there after redemption.

This is how fast and easy you buy Bitcoin with the Bitcoinbon!

The first step is to look for a store near you. For this purpose we have we have listed all sellers. 

Once you find a seller, you can buy bitcoin for 50, 100, 150 as well as 250 EUR. Most sellers accept cash, bank cards or credit cards. The amount you paid will be credited at the Bitcoin Euro rate with this receipt. Since Bitcoin is volatile, sometimes there may be deviations.

After the purchase, you should receive a Bitcoin receipt in the form of a cash register receipt. On it you will find your coupon code. Visit the following link to redeem your Bitcoin voucher: 

Please keep in mind that you need an external Bitcoin wallet to receive the Bitcoin! You will also be asked for this. After redeeming the bitcoin voucher, we will send your bitcoin to your wallet address.

If you prefer to buy bitcoin online, sign up for a Coinfinity account today and invest in bitcoin.

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Where can I buy a Bitcoin voucher card?

You can buy a Bitcoin voucher card in over 4,000 tobacconists and gas stations in Austria. We have listed all our sales points here:

Is a bitcoin voucher card a bitcoin wallet?

No. The Bitcoin voucher card is not a standalone Bitcoin wallet. After purchase, you need to activate the voucher card and specify an external Bitcoin address. This is where your Bitcoin will be sent to. 

I don't have a Bitcoin wallet yet, what do I need to do?

Probably the easiest way to open a Bitcoin wallet is to go to, look at the selection of all possible wallets to download to your phone or computer, and choose one. Setting up a wallet takes less than five minutes. 

Is there an age limit for buying a Bitcoin voucher card?

Yes, there is. Purchasers under the age of 18 cannot buy a voucher card. The point of sale will check the age in case of doubt.

Can I give the Bitcoin voucher card as a gift?

Of course! This is probably the best way to give Bitcoin to friends and family. The voucher card can be purchased at all points of sale and given as a gift. 

How much are the fees for topping up the Bitcoin voucher card?

A fee is charged for topping up and using the bitcoin. This is already included in the bitcoin price. Depending on the exchange rate, the fee is between 8% and 10%. In addition, there is the mining fee.

Please note that the mining fee depends on the load of the Bitcoin network and can be a bit higher at some times. You can find more information here