Buy Bitcoin with SEPA: It's that simple and easy!

Probably the easiest and most convenient way to buy Bitcoin is with a SEPA transfer. Read on to learn how you can buy bitcoin with SEPA at Coinfinity.

What is a SEPA Credit Transfer?

A SEPA Credit Transfer is a cashless bank transfer that enables smooth euro payments within Europe. 

You only need the IBAN and the BIC code of your recipient to transfer Euros with SEPA. Therefore, SEPA transfers are a simple and convenient way to make payments. 

The simplicity and availability of SEPA transfers are the main reasons why Bitcoin investors usually use SEPA payments to buy the cryptocurrency. 

Buy Bitcoin with SEPA: It's that easy with Coinfinity!

Coinfinity is a leading Bitcoin broker based in Austria that has been enabling investors to buy and sell the cryptocurrency easily and conveniently since 2014.

On the Coinfinity Bitcoin portal, users can easily buy Bitcoin with a bank transfer. Users can also choose between a SEPA bank transfer or a Klarna instant bank transfer to buy their Bitcoin. 

Now let's take a look at how you can buy Bitcoin with a SEPA transfer. 

1. go to and register for an account (if you don't already have one).
The registration process only takes a few minutes and your account will be verified within minutes thanks to KYC automation provider Onfido.


Log in to the Bitcoin portal with your email address and password to access your dashboard.

Dashboard Coinfinity Bitcoin Portal

Once you have accessed the dashboard, click on "Buy" in the menu on the left to open the bitcoin buying window of the bitcoin portal.

Buy Bitcoin at Coinfinity Bitcoin Portal

In the Bitcoin buy window of the Bitcoin portal you can then choose between SEPA or Sofortüberweisung payment.
on SEPA and enter the euro amount you want to buy Bitcoin with. Then you need to add your Bitcoin wallet address and confirm that you understand the terms and conditions of the transaction.

Buy Bitcoin with SEPA

After you have checked all the details of your Bitcoin purchase, click on the "Pay now" button to confirm the transaction.
will then receive more details, such as the reason for the SEPA transfer. Finally, you need to open your online banking app to make a SEPA transfer to Coinfinity to pay for your bitcoin purchase. 

Complete Bitcoin purchase with SEPA

And that's it! 

This is how easy it is to buy Bitcoins with a SEPA transfer at Coinfinity!

Sign up for a free Coinfinity account today to make your first (or next) investment in bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin Online


Where can I find a Bitcoin wallet? 

On you will find a selection of different Bitcoin wallets that you can download to your smartphone or computer for free. The wallet setup process only takes a few minutes. 

Alternatively, you can buy a hardware wallet, such as Card Wallet, if you prefer to store your digital currency offline. 

What are the fees for buying bitcoin?

The service fee for bitcoin purchases at Coinfinity is 1.5%. In addition, there is also the mining fee. All fees are displayed in the Coinfinity Bitcoin Portal before the purchase. 

Can I sell bitcoin on Coinfinity?

Yes, Coinfinity users can buy and sell Bitcoin

Investors:inside who sell Bitcoin on the Coinfinity Bitcoin portal will receive the Euro amount via SEPA transfer within one business day on their bank account. 

Can I also create a Bitcoin savings plan with Coinfinity? 

Yes, Coinfinity allows investors to automatically save in Bitcoin by creating a Bitcoin savings plan

You can start saving in Bitcoin from as little as €15 per month by setting up a standing order to automatically buy Bitcoin every month. Creating a Bitcoin savings plan is free with Coinfinity. There are only 1.5% service and mining fees.

You can also cancel your Bitcoin savings plan at any time by simply cancelling your standing order.

What does SEPA mean?

SEPA is the abbreviation for "Single Euro Payments Area". SEPA credit transfers have enabled smooth cashless payment transactions within Europe since 2014. 

Is SEPA a normal credit transfer?

Yes. A SEPA transfer effectively works just like a normal bank transfer. The only difference is that the transfer is in euros and usually goes across the national border. 

How long does a SEPA credit transfer take?

An electronic SEPA Credit Transfer can take up to one banking day. A SEPA credit transfer in paper form can take up to two banking days. 

Are SEPA credit transfers secure?

Yes. SEPA payments are one of the easiest and safest ways to move money from one bank to another within Europe. 

How does a SEPA payment work?

For a SEPA transfer, you need the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and BIC (Business Identifier Number) of your recipient. Then you just need to enter this information and the euro amount you want to transfer into your online banking app to process the payment. 

How expensive is a SEPA credit transfer?

The costs for a SEPA transfer vary from bank to bank. Check with your bank what the costs are for a SEPA transfer. 

Can I buy Bitcoin anonymously with a SEPA transfer? 

No. SEPA transfers are not suitable for anonymous bitcoin purchases as your purchase is linked to your bank details. 

Individuals who want to buy Bitcoin with maximum privacy can purchase the digital currency in small amounts without identity verification at a Bitcoin ATM or via Bitcoinbon with cash.