Graphic Design, Memes and Bitcoin: Interview with Kanuto

"He is orange, he likes coffee, bitcoin and he's mostly polite": some of you already know the bitcoin bunny Yutee. We recently spoke with digital artist and creator of Yutee, Kanuto Takumi. In this blog article, learn who Kanuto is, what he does, and why he gives Bitcoin all his free time.

Kanuto Takumi, as often found in the Bitcoin space actively under a pseudonym, has become known among Bitcoiners on the one hand through excellent memes, but also through numerous contributions in the graphic design field. Among other things, he has created the designs Twenty-One Hamburg, as well as the logos of Plebrap and the business podcast "The Bitcoin Effect".

At the latest through the Bitcoin mascot "Yutee", which he designed, pretty much everyone who is on the social media in the field of Bitcoin has gotten to know him. His next prank was created in collaboration with Coinfinity: Lightning Lizzy is a lightning-fast squirrel who never tires of explaining Bitcoin and the Lightning network to the whole world.

Kanuto Takumi in portrait

"My name is Kanuto Takumi San, last survivor of Takumi clan, FUD defense chief meme officer and 137 club member."

Kanuto Takumi

Questions & Answers

1) Why the name Kanuto Takumi, and what does it mean? 

Kanuto is Spanish, is actually spelled with a "C" and stands for Knut. The name Knut has to do with my actual name, hence the choice. Takumi is Japanese and stands for the art of craftsmanship, creativity and creating something with your hands. When I stumbled upon the name in the past, I could immediately identify with it. It simply gives me great pleasure to implement crafts and creative things - to create something.

Both names together form a beautiful whole and simply fit, in my opinion. Now you could still ask why the choice fell just on Spanish and Japanese, but I would just leave that open to interpretation. :)

2) What all do you do in bitcoin space and what are you known for? Is this your main job?

Full time Bitcoiner - that would be it! No, I have a normal full-time fiat job, which I am questioning more and more by the way. Together with an old friend I still have a small GbR, which is also about creativity and craftsmanship. By the way, he is unfortunately not a Bitcoiner, from him I get at most questions like " it still worth it to get in now?"

Everything I do for Bitcoin then happens in my spare time, so after work or on weekends and if you're honest, in my head actually all the time.

As for the first part of the question, I suspect that Yutee is my best-known contribution. Those who know Space know that people like to communicate with short phrases. So I wanted a character that I could use over and over again and express different emotions, honestly it was a cat first, the inspiration for the bunny came from Luna. For those who don't know Yutee, the quickest way to find him is at

Yutee Bitcoin

Otherwise, I would assume that my cat mask was the most likely to catch your eye. The mask evolved from my Twitter photo and reflects my pseudonym. I use the mask in gifs, on memes or simply as recognition for "Kanuto", you could say like a signature.

Kanuto cat mask

Then there are pins and patches that I have designed and bring to the plebs through my store or at meetups.

3) You also have your own website, what can you find there? 

On my website you can find a few designs and works of mine. A few logos, nerd stuff like the Nodearium, my store, but also a new art project which I call the "Blockrange Machine". The machine processes bitcoin data, which it retrieves online and converts directly into an analog image. The idea was to capture something digital in the physical world to create something unique. The machine isn't quite running the way I want it to, but it's working well for now. Later I want it to draw individual blocks or a block area, I'm really enjoying this project right now.

Block range machine

4) Is it possible to pay with Bitcoin on Lightning in your store? If so, how did you implement this? 

Since the question alone excites me :) Of course you can, rather you have to, if you want to buy something from me, because I don't accept any government issued currency. The implementation was, thanks to some bitcoiners friends who supported me, not so very complicated. Simply put, I use a BTCPayserver plugin that connects to my own Node and accepts payments directly, without a third party, peer to peer. So you can place an instant order day or night. But be careful: each delivery may contain traces of cat hair.

5) How did you get into Bitcoin, and why do you devote so much time to it? 

Relatively unspectacular via the investment track. In the past, I was lucky enough to be able to take on a new job that allowed me to invest something at the end of the month. Started with a diversified stock portfolio to saving hard money. "Don't invest in something you don't understand" I had read many times back then, so I tried to understand Bitcoin and the more I read, the smaller my stock portfolio became.

Why I give almost all my free time to Bitcoin is hard to describe. Along the way, you tear down the entire foundation on which you've built your beliefs over the past few years and re-sort the rubble. You realize that a lot of "knowledge" transmitted through memetics may need to be questioned, and suddenly you find yourself in an empty space where you feel like you have to relearn everything. Many things only really make sense now and all of a sudden you feel an inner urge to help out; that this is something big, you can make a difference together. I think Bitcoin is the best proposal for a healthy and better world.

6) What would you recommend to people who haven't yet studied Bitcoin in depth? 

Every person is different, I would probably recommend something different to the cobbler who still makes shoes by hand and is about to retire than to the young student who doesn't know life without a smartphone.

Basically, there is a lot of good free content out there now that is suitable for any kind of consumption. I have collected a few good sources on my site:

7) Now, together with Coinfinity, you have created a new character in the Bitcoin universe: Lightning Lizzy! Would you like to tell us a little bit about it? 

Yes with pleasure, Lizzy is a blue squirrel, lightning fast, a bit shy and loves to bunker nuts in her own tree. In fact, she spends almost all her time stacking nuts. At night, on the other hand, she leads a double life, becomes Shadowy Super Lizzy with a black hoodie and fights, giggling quietly, the broken money system. A really fun project, which I was allowed to work on the last time.

8) Why are Internet memes in general so successful, and do you think they are important?

Important. I think that in the course of digitization, the classic joke has also changed, or at least the meme is a variation here. A meme is able to convey a lot in a very short time. Especially for the short attention span of the new online world, it's an excellent tool with which you can reach a lot of people or with which the same people can identify well, which is precisely why memes are readily shared. I also like the fact that memes often evolve, go through different phases and virtually take on a life of their own. Twitter without memes would be lame, wouldn't it?

Kanuto meme

9) Why do you think it's important to distinguish between Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies?

Because you can only invent the wheel once. You can modify it, but it remains a wheel.

10) Where do you see Bitcoin in 10 years? 

To do that, you would have to anticipate people's decisions and actions, exactly the characteristic that Keynesians don't take into account. I would answer the question slightly differently and wish that in 10 years Bitcoin has made the world a little better. We will have learned more about property rights, not had our complete freedom stolen from us, and be transparent. Waste will decrease, time preference will decrease across the board, and a consumer society will become a truly conscious society. That's what you can feel in very, very small ways at meetups and other gatherings. I think we are on a very good path.

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