Create Bitcoin Savings Plan: A Guide for New Bitcoiners:inside

Starting a Bitcoin savings plan could be one of the best decisions you can make for your financial well-being. Saving regularly in Bitcoin allows for long-term growth of your Bitcoin wealth while being less affected by market volatility.

Read on to learn more about why a Bitcoin savings plan is probably a good idea and how you can set one up with Coinfinity.

What is a Bitcoin Savings Plan?

A Bitcoin Savings Plan is an automated savings plan that allows you to invest in Bitcoin on a regular basis and build up a long-term fortune in the cryptocurrency.

To set up a Bitcoin savings plan, all you need to do is register with a Bitcoin broker like Coinfinity and you can create a savings plan within a few minutes. The payments into the savings plan are usually made via a standing order, so you can save in Bitcoin completely automatically. 

Does a Bitcoin savings plan make sense?

Save in Bitcoin? Does that make sense? Is that even possible given the high volatility of the cryptocurrency? 

These are all valid questions for investors who want to invest in Bitcoin but don't know how best to go about it.

Many Bitcoin enthusiasts praise Bitcoin savings plans as the most user-friendly and secure way to invest in Bitcoin. 

The reason is quite simple: a Bitcoin savings plan has many advantages over a one-off Bitcoin investment.

The advantages of the Bitcoin savings plan

Let's now look at the advantages of the Bitcoin savings plan over one-off Bitcoin investments. 

  • A Bitcoin savings plan makes it possible to regularly invest small amounts to build up a Bitcoin portfolio over time. Even small investors who only have a little money at their disposal can thus build up a fortune in Bitcoin over the long term.
  • A Bitcoin savings plan is fully automated and only needs to be set up once. So you can sit back and relax while your Bitcoin portfolio grows. 
  • A Bitcoin savings plan relieves you of the difficult task of buying Bitcoin at exactly the right time. Even for professional investors, catching the right moment to buy Bitcoin is incredibly difficult, and with a volatile asset like Bitcoin, it's even harder. 
  • A Bitcoin savings plan reduces the impact of price fluctuations on your Bitcoin investment because you regularly buy Bitcoin with the same amount of euros, regardless of the current market price. This results in you buying Bitcoin at an average market price over time. 

This allows you to benefit from the average cost effect (also called the cost-averaging effect) and build a substantial Bitcoin portfolio over the long term, with fewer fluctuations in value than a one-off Bitcoin investment. 

The Cost Averaging Effect: The Secret Recipe of the Bitcoin Savings Plan 

The main argument for creating a Bitcoin savings plan is the cost-averaging effect. 

The cost-averaging effect is an investment strategy in which one regularly invests the same amount of euros in an asset, regardless of the market price. 

The idea is that you can reduce market volatility by continuously buying the asset at an average price to build your portfolio over time. 

As Bitcoin is a relatively volatile asset, the digital currency lends itself well to the cost-averaging effect as an investment strategy. 

Now let's look at what the cost-averaging effect has done for Bitcoin investors.

If you had set up a Bitcoin savings plan three years ago with a monthly deposit of €100, your Bitcoin portfolio would be worth over €9,000 today. 

This corresponds to a three-year return of almost 160%. By contrast, if one had invested in Bitcoin exactly three years ago with a one-off purchase at a price of $10,978, one would only have generated a return of around 75%.

Chart from

If one had already invested in a Bitcoin savings plan five years ago, the Bitcoin portfolio would be worth about €27,704 today. This corresponds to a five-year return of about 360%

In this investment horizon, a one-time purchase five years ago would have generated a return of approx. 640%. 

These two examples show that a well-timed one-off investment in Bitcoin can outperform a savings plan, while savings plans tend to do better in volatile markets. 

Bitcoin savings plans, however, are less affected by market volatility, which in many ways makes them more beginner-friendly, as you won't face large fluctuations in portfolio value.

This is how you can create a Bitcoin savings plan! 

Coinfinity is a leading Bitcoin broker that has been allowing investors to invest in Bitcoin since 2014. The Austrian-based company also allows investors to set up a Bitcoin savings plan to save Bitcoin regularly and conveniently. 

How to set up a Coinfinity Bitcoin savings plan

  1. Register with Coinfinity or log in if you already have an account. 
  1. Once you are in the Coinfinity Bitcoin portal, hover your cursor over "Menu" to display the dropdown menu and click on Bitcoin Savings Plan.

  1. Now you can create a Bitcoin savings plan by filling out the form digitally. You can create a monthly savings plan with as little as €15 and you can also increase the amount yourself by changing the standing order. Of course, you can also cancel your savings plan at any time by simply cancelling your standing order. This gives you complete flexibility.

  1. All that is required from you to set up a Bitcoin savings plan is your name, your email address, the amount you want to invest in Bitcoin each month and the wallet address of your Bitcoin wallet where you want to receive your Bitcoin.

  1. Once you have completed the form and submitted it by pressing a button, you will receive an email from Coinfinty with the instructions for the standing order you need to set up to complete the creation of your Bitcoin savings plan. 

And that's it! 

As soon as Coinfinity receives your first payment by standing order, you will receive your first Bitcoins in your wallet via a savings plan. 

Register for the Coinfinity Bitcoin Portal and create a Bitcoin savings plan for free today!


Is a Bitcoin savings plan something for me?

You have to decide whether a Bitcoin savings plan is the right investment approach for you. 

However, if you want to invest in Bitcoin on a regular and automated basis to build up a Bitcoin portfolio in the long term, the Bitcoin Savings Plan might be the right approach.

How much does a Coinfinity Bitcoin savings plan cost?

You can set up a Coinfinity Bitcoin savings plan for free. Only the usual 1.5% service and mining fees apply. 

Can I cancel my Bitcoin savings plan at any time? 

Yes, your Coinfinity Bitcoin savings plan can be cancelled at any time by simply cancelling your standing order with your bank. That's all you need to do. 

Is there also a Coinfinity savings plan for other cryptocurrencies? 

No. A savings plan is only available for Bitcoin (BTC) by our own conviction.