Change Bitcoin to Euro: This is how fast & easy it is with Coinfinity!

Buying Bitcoin has become incredibly easy thanks to the wide range of Bitcoin buying options. However, it's not always so simple to convert your Bitcoin back into Euros. At Coinfinity, you can buy and sell Bitcoin online with just a few clicks. Read on to learn how.

Change Bitcoin to Euro online: This is how easy it is! 

When you reach the point where you want to sell some (or all) of your Bitcoins, you can use the Coinfinity Bitcoin portal to convert Bitcoin to Euros very simply and easily.

Coinfinity is an Austria-based Bitcoin broker that has been enabling individuals and businesses to easily buy and sell Bitcoin since 2014. 

This is how it works! 

1) Go to and register for an account (if you don't have one already). Registering and verifying an account usually takes less than 30 minutes.

Coinfinity Registration

2) Once you are registered, log into the Bitcoin Portal to access the Dashboard.

Bitcoin Portal Dashboard

3) Click on "Sell". 

4) Now enter the bitcoin amount you want to convert to euros or the euro amount you want to receive. The conversion field will be filled in automatically based on the current bitcoin rate. 

Sell Bitcoin

5) Then enter your IBAN and click Next.

6) Next, accept the terms and conditions after verifying that all transaction details are correct and click "Sell Binding". 

Confirm Bitcoin Sale

7) Finally, scan the QR code with your bitcoin wallet to send the bitcoins you want to convert to euros to Coinfinity. 

Alternatively, you can copy the Coinfinity bitcoin wallet address and then paste it into your bitcoin wallet in the send function. If you choose this way, make sure you send exactly the bitcoin amount specified in your bitcoin selling instructions. Finally, you can open and check the transaction in Block Explorer.

Send Bitcoin

Change Bitcoin to Euro at Bitcoin Machine

Change Bitcoin at the vending machine

As an alternative to selling Bitcoin online, you also have the option to sell Bitcoin at the Bitcoin Vending Machines to convert your Bitcoin into cash. The exact process of selling Bitcoin for Euros at a Bitcoin vending machine varies from provider to provider, but generally it works like this:

1) Find a Bitcoin vending machine near you that allows both buying and selling Bitcoin. 

2) Touch the Bitcoin vending machine display and click "Sell Bitcoin". 

3) Enter the Euro amount you want to receive by selling Bitcoin and confirm the transaction.

4) Open your Bitcoin wallet and send Bitcoin to the QR code you received on the note the ATM printed for you. 

5) Wait for the Bitcoin transaction to be confirmed and scan your note at the Bitcoin machine so that the machine will give you your euros .

And that's how easy it is to convert Bitcoin to cash at Bitcoin ATMs. 

Click here to register a Coinfinity account so you can easily buy and sell bitcoin online. 

Buy and sell bitcoin online


How much does it cost to change Bitcoin back to Euro? 

Coinfinity charges a service fee of 1.5%. There are also bitcoin mining fees that you pay when you send bitcoins. All fees are clearly displayed when you make a sale to convert your bitcoin into euros.

When does the price fix occur when selling bitcoin? 

The Bitcoin price is always fixed at the time of buying or selling. This means that you know exactly how much Euros you will receive when you sell Bitcoin on the Coinfinity Bitcoin portal.

Is it possible to anonymously change Bitcoin into Euro?

Small amounts of Bitcoin can be exchanged anonymously into Euros by selling Bitcoin at a Bitcoin vending machine. For amounts less than 250 euros, most Bitcoin vending machines do not require identity verification.

What is the easiest way to convert Bitcoin into "real" money? 

The easiest way to convert Bitcoin into so-called "real" money is probably with the Coinfinity Bitcoin portal. With Coinfinity you can convert your Bitcoins into Euros within a few minutes. Once you sell your Bitcoin to Coinfinity, you will receive Euros in your bank account via SEPA transfer.