SoloTransfers scam warning

Please be careful! In this article we would like to warn you about Solotransfers and their current scam, in which Coinfinity is falsely named as a partner for payout.

For a few days now, our support team has been receiving an increasing number of inquiries from people who have been damaged by the scam. In order to prevent this, we would like to briefly describe the procedure of this scam organization, clarify some points about Coinfinity and give a few tips for improved online security.

The current scam of SoloTransfers

The company or organization in question, "SoloTransfers", claims on its website to be a partner of well-known platforms and brokers such as Binance, Kraken and also Coinfinity. Furthermore, the organization describes its activity as follows: "We recover data around financial tricks/scams and offer assistance to individuals and corporate clients around the world to safely get the lost investments".

Allegedly, data on financial frauds are researched in order to help victims get their lost investments back. Now SoloTransfers is misusing our name to make alleged repayments to victims.

In the emails and letters from SoloTranfers forwarded to us by affected persons, it is claimed that part of the allegedly recovered money is sent to the "Coinfinity Wallet". As a result, some scam victims have registered with us and asked when they will receive their payment from SoloTransfers. This is how we became aware of this scam.

Here is the website of the scam organization:

Here is a screenshot of the fake Coinfinity stationery used by SoloTransfers:

Fake stationery

Clarifications from Coinfinity

We clearly distance ourselves from and other organizations that claim to recover lost investments or data. We never work with companies or organizations that claim to process deposits or withdrawals via Coinfinity.

  • Coinfinity is NOT a partner of
  • Coinfinity does not offer custody - neither for Bitcoin, nor for Euro. Therefore, there are no wallets managed by Coinfinity
  • No deposits or withdrawals can technically be made from or to a Coinfinity customer account
  • At Coinfinity you can only buy and sell Bitcoin on your own account and via SEPA and Sofortüberweisung.

Recommendations for action for prevention

  • Never give control of your computer to a stranger (e.g. via AnyDesk, TeamViewer)
  • Please be fundamentally skeptical and cautious when organizations claim to be able to recover losses from investments
  • Always checks commercial websites for an imprint, commercial register number, etc.
  • Never sends money or bitcoin to settle a transaction or repay lost funds
  • Pay close attention to correct or incorrect spelling and the sense of content in e-mails or other messages

    If you are concerned:
  • Please report to the police immediately.
  • Collect all correspondence and contact information for the organization
  • Change all your passwords
  • If you have given third parties access to your computer, e.g. via Anydesk or TeamViewer, then make sure you have your computer professionally checked and cleaned up.
  • Coinfinity will block affected customer accounts from Bitcoin purchases and sales as soon as possible. Please contact us in case of suspicion or if you are knowingly affected

Contact email: