What can you buy with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is mainly used as an investment and savings instrument. However, Bitcoin is also a digital currency that you can use to make payments worldwide. Read on to learn what you can already buy with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin acceptance increases around the world

The main reason why you see more and more businesses accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment is the increasing Bitcoin usage around the world. There are already countries that see Bitcoin as an alternative to foreign currencies. El Salvador was the first country to take this step. This started the ball rolling for other countries. 

On the other hand, we are seeing much more acceptance and adoption by large investors such as banks, asset managers, and publicly traded companies like Microstrategy. Bitcoin is also being widely accepted and used by individuals in emerging markets. These benefit most from an open cross-border payment system and a currency whose value cannot be influenced by central banks.

What all can you buy with Bitcoin? 

The increasing acceptance in different strata of society has also led to the digital currency becoming more and more popular in the retail sector. This has led to the fact that you can now buy pretty much anything online with Bitcoin. 

We have listed 10 examples here:

Enjoy a coffee in the coffee house

One of the main arguments against Bitcoin has always been that you can't even buy coffee with it. 

Thanks to the BTC Map, you can easily find stores that accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Thanks to payments with the Lightning network, this also works smoothly! The best part is, it's easy and just as fast as paying with your bank card.

Coffee beans directly from South America

While we're on the topic of coffee, we should also mention that you can also buy coffee for home with Bitcoin. And since you pay Bitcoin, you don't need an international payment provider with hidden costs. You simply get a payment address and then send the Bitcoin to the coffee producers. 

For example, if you want coffee from El Salvador, you can contact Good Beans and place your order from the comfort of your own home.

Book a vacation online

You can also easily book flights, hotels or even your entire vacation with Bitcoin. Travel booking platforms like Destinia and Travala allow you to pay online with Bitcoin.

Merchandise from the Satoshistore

If you're looking for cool hoodies, t-shirts or other goodies, you're guaranteed to find something at the SatoshiStore. The SatoshiStore offers Bitcoin merchandise of all kinds, from coffee mugs and stickers to flip-flops and swim trunks.

A new home or vacation home

There are now also several real estate agents who accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. Many of them target wealthy Bitcoiners who want to invest in real estate.

Earlier this year, for example, Portuguese real estate company ZOME reported that it sold a property in Braga for three Bitcoin.

A right to privacy with a VPN

More and more VPN providers allow their customers to pay with Bitcoin. Mullvad, for example, is one of the most popular and even offers a 10% discount for Bitcoin purchases. But there are also other VPNs that you can buy online with Bitcoin.

Tickets for Bitcoin Conferences

Just this year, many Bitcoin conferences took place all over Europe. At all of them you had the possibility to pay your ticket with Bitcoin. If you want to come to a German-speaking Bitcoin conference next year, BTC23 is the place to be.

Order books from Aprycot Media

If you like to get cozy and read a book, you will be impressed by Aprycot Media Verlag 's selection. In their online store, you can find German books about Bitcoin. In the end, one can conveniently pay with Bitcoin on-chain or with Lightning.

Food and drinks from Lieferando

The delivery service Lieferando has been accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment since 2017. This means you can order pizza, sushi or drinks from the comfort of your own home and pay for them with Bitcoin.

Coupons for online stores with Bitrefill

Thanks to Bitrefill, you can now buy Bitcoin vouchers for almost any online store. 

Be it Amazon, Airbnb, Uber or Apple. Anyone who wants to order something with a voucher today now has the option of buying it directly with Bitcoin. This means that you can buy virtually everything indirectly with Bitcoin.

Spend bitcoin or save it instead? 

Now that you know a few examples of what you can spend Bitcoin on, the question remains, should you spend your Bitcoin at all? After all, Bitcoin is in itself an asset to save for the long term.


The answer to this question can be answered by the title of the Bitcoin whitepaper. Satoshi Nakamoto described Bitcoin as an electronic peer-to-peer cash system. In order to build a financial system, money must be circulated and, accordingly, used as a means of payment. If everyone saved and never spent their money, the system wouldn't really work. 

Those who now prefer to save should do so. We have done this with the Bitcoin Savings Plan an ideal option for you to save in Bitcoin for the long term. 

If you want to use your Bitcoin to buy tickets, books, clothes or vouchers, you can buy directly in our Bitcoin portal buy Bitcoin online and then send it to his wallet.

To buy Bitcoin online, register with Coinfinity today. 

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Can Bitcoin be used as a means of payment in everyday life?

Yes, you can! It's even easier than you think. If a store accepts bitcoin, you can send it directly on-chain. This takes on average 10 minutes. 

If you need to pay faster, you can even do it in real time thanks to the Lightning network. This is a payment network that is based on Bitcoin and can be used for smaller amounts. The cost of a Lightning transaction is also much cheaper than an on-chain Bitcoin transaction.

What do I have to pay attention to when paying with Lightning?

All you need to pay with Bitcoin via the Lightning network is a Lightning wallet. You can then send Bitcoin to this wallet and pay with them. 

Well-known lightning wallets are Wallet of Satoshi, Muun and the Blue Wallet. All of these wallets also allow you to pay with Bitcoin directly on-chain. So you have the best of both worlds.

Can I also save with Lightning?

Yes, you can also use a Lightning Wallet to hold your saved bitcoin. 

Bitcoin and Lightning can essentially be compared to a checking and savings account. What you want to spend on a day-to-day basis is ideal with Lightning. That would be the checking account. What you keep for saving is better off in a Bitcoin hardware wallet, like the Card Wallet. That would be the savings account.